Health benefits + Refreshment

  • Pro-health herbal kombucha beverage
Tired of regular soft-drinks?
We were kinda tired of regular soft drinks loaded with sugar and gas. Really. We wanted to create something what refreshes and what gives you something more. Much more.

So we created VIGO Kombucha, a pro-health herbal kombucha beverage that provides both with the refreshment and health benefits. No more and no less. We want back to the roots straight to the natural and oldschool way of creating naturally brewed beverages. The way our grandparents remember.

VIGO Kombucha is a natural antioxidant, it assists metabolism, immune system and has a detoxicating action. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to all artificial or highly sweetened carbonated drinks.



immune system
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Fermented only with superfoods
  • No sucrose
  • Sweetened and brewed with fruits
  • No artificial colouring and No preservatives
  • NON-GMO and No soya
  • No chemical modification
  • Probiotic properties
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins
  • Good acids
  • No fridge required
Right, but what kombucha is all about?
Kombucha is a brewed tea, fermented by the bacteria in the controlled environment, providing both great refreshment and pro-health benefits. The active ingredient for fermentation comes from SCOBY, a Japanese tea mushroom that is added for some time to pre-brewed tea.
We searched for the appropriately composed SCOBY for quite a long time . We created the drink from the best varieties of herbal teas and we have put a tremendous effort to ensure that VIGO fulfilled the high quality requirements. All without losing its refreshing and pro-health qualities during the production process.
We do not use regular sugar, sweeteners, nor any aspartamates. We ferment the tea with fruit extracts, and that’s it. VIGO is gluten-free and contains substances, which create a friendly environment for the development of probiotics, which are beneficial for your immune system and digestion.
What’s on the inside is one side of the story. But we also wanted you to feel exctied while holding the VIGO bottle - your lifestyle accessory. We have made every effort so it would also have a tempting appearance.
Our kombucha is contained in a beautiful glass bottle, creating an ideal composition of aesthetic and flavour qualities.
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We do not intend to apply marketing jargon or colour reality. Briefly: our objective was to create something different. Something that is not only refreshing (cola) and stimulating (yerba), but something, which refreshes and is authentically healthy.

VIGO is a beverage prepared on the basis of the best SCOBY colony, herbal teas and natural crystal clear spring water. The quality of these is monitored on an ongoing basis throughout the production process, in order to retain all the flavour values of the drink, and primarily all the refreshment qualities.

Kombucha symbiotic colony (SCOBY) is a herbal mushroom originating from Asia. It has been known for over two thousand years and it has been used in natural medicine for centuries because of its antioxidant, cleansing and organism strengthening properties. Fermented kombucha tea - one may drink it in the morning - as a morning wake-up drink, during the day - as a dose of additional energy and also in the evening as a cleansing cocktail. And yes – VIGO may be mixed with % which makes your life even better.

Virtues of VIGO™:

Protects the intestinal walls, counteracts constipation and neutralises blood acidity by regulating its pH level.
Has a detoxicating action that is it assists the organism naturally to remove toxins and accumulated impurities.
VIGO contains an aqueous solution, which helps metabolism and the heart function, reduces the level cholesterol counteracting atherosclerosis. It strengthens teeth and equally the gums. It has an antifungal action - combats candida. It possesses antibacterial and disinfecting properties. An aqueous solution of acetic acid is has a primarily antioxidising action, therefore reducing free radicals causing the progression of ageing processes, it is also beneficial for the condition of skin and hair and hence it is frequently called the elixir of youth.
VIGO is a source of niacin that is vitamin B3 (PP), which performs the important role of eliminating so-called bad cholesterol and fat, in so doing supporting the production of so-called good cholesterol. Vitamin B3 is essential during the course of the process of metabolic change. It helps those in the struggle with obesity who struggle with the problem of additional kilograms. Niacin equally widens blood vessels and also participates in the creation of red corpuscles; it has a positive influence on blood pressure. Furthermore it assists the working of the nervous system and also enhances the resistance of the organism.
VIGO provides vitamin B6, which is responsible for the proper functioning of the nervous system and also enhances the resistance of the organism - participating in the creation of antibodies. Vitamin B6 helps counteract obesity, rheumatism and the risk of cerebral stroke. It has an influence on blood pressure, muscle cramps and heart function (it is essential to the production of haemoglobins).
VIGO contains biotin that is Vitamin B7, which serves as a carrier of carbon dioxide in the processes of transformation of matter. It has a role in the metabolisms of proteins and fats, has a role in the synthesis of fatty acids and in the absorption of vitamin C. Biotin equally assists the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Vitamin B7 has a role together with vitamin K in the synthesis of protrombin, which is essential for blood coagulation. Biotin prevents hair greying and hair loss. It improves memory and learning effectiveness, soothes nerves, increases resistance to stress, prevents anaemia and improves appetite.
VIGO equally contains vitamin B12, which improves memory and the effectiveness of learning, soothes nerves, increases resistance to stress, counteracts anaemia and improves appetite.


Light brews
Fermented for short time (2 days)
VIGO Original
Legendary, original taste of VIGO Kombucha Original. The mixture of white and black tea, which as a result of fermentation process gives an unique, very refreshing taste.
VIGO Maple
Unusual combination of kombucha and maple juice sourced from maple fruits and leaves. VIGO Maple is subtly sweet and intensively wild by nature. Totally unique – refreshing, delicate and unrepeatable taste.
VIGO Schisandra
Original and sophisticated composition of kombucha and Schisandra
(Schisandra chinensis). Untamed but enormously gripping taste.
Even more fruits? That’s right. VIGO Acai is extremely refreshing with a distinctive, deep flavour. Excellent taste and lots of health straight from the tropical forests of South America
Long brews
Fermented for longer time (up to 10 days)
BIO VIGO Acerola+Ginger
Acerola+Ginger is the perfected blend of Acerola puree (high in Vitamin C) from Amazonian rainforest in northern Brazil and Ginger from India, Guajarhat province. Handcrafted & fermented organic raw kombucha brewed with superfoods. Loaded with enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics and live bacteria that boost your well-being.
BIO VIGO Cucumber+Coriander
Cucumber+Coriander is the perfected blend of Italian cucumber from Tuscany and coriander from Trentino-Alto Adige province in Italy. You’ll find there enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics and live bacteria that will help brighten up your day. Fermented and crafted, brewed only in small batches.
Rose is the delicate blend of Rose hips and petal from Netherlands, Duin-en Bollenstreek province. Crafted in small batches. You'll find there enzymes, electrolytes, probiotics and live bacteria that will illuminate your mood. Perfect for anyone looking for blossom taste.
BIO VIGO Yerba Mate
Grown in the Brazilian region of Parana, kombucha-fermented yerba mate tea is a highly nutritious and healthy source of energy. The tea is made from the Paraguayan holly plant and contains naturally stimulating caffeine. Kombucha yerba mate with caffeine boosts VIGOr and supports metabolism.
BIO VIGO Curcuma + Ginger
Curcuma + Ginger is the intense blend of Curcuma from the Peruvian province of Chanchamayo and aromatic ginger and pepper. Brewed only in small batches with the finest ingredients.
BIO VIGO Mango + Maracuja
Mango + Maracuja is the fusion of South American tropical fruits. The sweetness of the mango growing in the mountain climate of Colombian Cordillera breaks the tropical flavour of the Peruvian passion fruit to create a inVIGOrating composition.
Wellness shots
Gut health + Superfoods. Brand-new approach to wellness shots.
BIO Immunity
  • With organic/bio Acerola puree (source: Amazonian forest in Brazil) and Ginger (source: India)
  • High in Vitamin C (+/- 250mg per bottle)
  • Over 1 billion of probiotics per bottle
BIO Energy
  • With organic/bio Matcha (source: Japan)
  • High in natural caffeine (+/- 70mg of natural caffeine per bottle)
  • Flavonoids, L-Theanine, Catechins and Polyphenols
  • Over 1 billion of probiotics per bottle
BIO Detox
  • With organic/bio Turmeric and Black Pepper (source: India)
  • 100mg of curcuminoids and 30mg of piperine per bottle
  • Over 1 billion of probiotics per bottle
BIO Relax
  • With organic Ashwagandha and Melissa/Lemon balm
  • High content of 1000mg of ashwagandha and 700mg of melissa per bottle
  • Over 1 billion of probiotics per bottle
BIO CBD 10mg Full Spectrum (Limited Edition)
  • With the full spectrum bioavailable CBD phytocannabinoids
  • High content od 10mg of CBD per bottle (contains: CBDV, CBE, CBGA, CBG, CBD)
  • Over 1 billion of probiotics per bottle
BIO Etam X VIGO Kombucha Beauty Shot
  • 10000mg of Collagen (extremely low molecular weight - 300Da)
  • High content of Vitamin C: 80mg per bottle (100% of daily intake)
  • Over 1 billion of probiotics per bottle: Kombucha cultures, Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Lactobacillus Plantarum
Charity / editions
Small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay.
JOK Kombucha Project
Charity initiative that unites! We are looking for warm and loving homes for homeless doggos. The name “Jok” is a tribute to the dog, which has become a symbol of the dog's loyalty and love for man in city of Cracow. Each bottle represents a different dog for adoption.
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How we make it?
Two types of kombucha for everyone
Light brews
Shorter fermentation for the most people.
1.Brewing the tea.
We brew the blends of black and white tea in proper proportions together with the fruit extracts. Then, we chill it.
2. Fermentation.
When the tea is cold enough we pour it to the jars, we add kombucha yeast also known as SCOBY (symbiotic colony). The tea together with the SCOBY is left out for around 48 hours.
3. Magic.
During this time fermentation process occurs making fancy things inside: acids, antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins and carbon dioxide. All of it create an unique and lightly vinegary taste. We halt the fermentation by removing SCOBY from the beverage. We add some nice superfoods, namely fruits.
4. Bottling
The drink is immediately poured into our sterile bottles. It should be done as quickly as possible, in order to preserve the most precious components and obviously the best taste.
5. The truth
We do perform the fermentation in pretty large silos (up to 10000 liters) in one of the most modern facilities in the world.
Long brews
Longer fermentation for the kombucha veterans.
1.Brewing the tea.
We brew the the black tea together with the unrefined organic bio cane sugar. Then, we chill it.
2. Fermentation.
When the tea is cold enough we pour it to the jars, we add kombucha yeast also known as SCOBY (symbiotic colony). The tea together with the SCOBY is left for up to 10 days.
3. Magic.
We split the process of fermentation into different stages containing one SCOBY strain. Each stage of fermentation is heat-treated in aseptic environment to exclude the pathogenic bacteria but not to reduce the presence of pro-biotic bacteria. Fermentation process makes fancy things inside: acids, antioxidants, probiotics, vitamins and carbon dioxide. Longer fermentation creates highly vinegary taste.
4. Superfoods.
The kombucha yeast is removed. We add some nice superfoods - fruits, vegetables and spices.
5. Bottling.
The drink is immediately poured into our sterile, pharmaceutical-grade bottles. It should be done as quickly as possible, in order to preserve the most precious components and obviously the best taste.
6. The truth.
We do perform the fermentation in pretty large silos (up to 10000 liters) in one of the most modern facilities in the world.
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We have prepared the drink especially for you, so that you may enjoy the exquisite taste every day.

WWe sought for the appropriately composed kombucha tea mushroom for several months.
We created drinks from the best varieties of Japanese mushrooms, herbal teas and
natural spring water.

We do not use sugar, sweeteners nor any aspartames, stevias or xylitols.
We use only natural sweeteners - fruit extracts that is what is the sweetest in fruits.

We wished that the scent would remain natural, organic and raw, as close as possible to the scent of real home-made kombucha.


We heat the water, brew the tea.
Next we chill it, we add kombucha mushroom. Then we leave all of it in a warm place. Simple isn’t it?!
The drink is left for 7-10 days.
During this time the fermentation process occurs, carbon dioxide is also a product of this process, therefore VIGO is delicately effervescent. At the appropriate and long-awaited moment, we halt the fermentation by removing the mushroom culture from the beverage.

And here PLEASE NOTE :) we let you into a little secret! If we remove the mushroom culture too soon, we do not achieve the proper taste, whereas if we do it too late - it becomes vinegar. It may be used for culinary, cosmetic and hygienic purposes! However its taste will not be as good as the taste in VIGO.

Returning to the production of VIGO, when the fermentation process of kombucha is halted, the drink is immediately poured into our bottles. It should be done as quickly as possible, in order to preserve the most precious components and obviously the best taste.
VIGO is poured into our bottles, which before use are
lightly-coloured and fired in a special oven, in which the temperature reaches 600 degrees C. They are therefore sterile and clean and at once may be used for bottling VIGO.

In order to remain true to our convictions, for the sake of our natural environment we do not apply labels. Everything that you must know about VIGO - it has been painted with ecological paints and the cartons in which we pack our drink have been made from re-cycled paper.

The drink thus prepared goes to the shelf and from there - directly to your hand.


If you are the owner of a coffee bar, restaurant, bar or shop and wish to have the ultra cool healthy product on your shelves, CONTACT US! One of our ‘knights’ (dressed as a commercial representative), will contact you and especially for you will bring VIGO to you on a white unicorn.

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