JOK Project - initiative that unites.
Finding loving homes
for homeless doggos.
As you now, we’re trying to make our planet a better place. So we did partner with the cool guys: FORUM Przestrzenie and dog shelters. We took pictures of ‘em and placed them on our kombucha bottles together with their doggo names and phone numbers.
Each bottle represents a different dog for adoption.
Apart from an awesome refreshment our kombucha provides, the project brings a moment for reflection and action. Because even if you can’t embrace Mr. DOGGO in your life - you can still act!
Grab your phone, take a picture of the label and send it your friends. Perhaps someone is looking for their soulmate:)
Tag the photo: @projectdzok #projectdzok #niekupujadoptuj #dontbuyadopt and show it to the world!
Let's join forces for the right cause.
For this cause we have partnered with the good guys: FORUM Przestrzenie - contemporary community center In Cracow/Poland with bars, restaurants, art gallery and many other vibrant things to brighten your day.
The name “Jok”/”Dzok” is a tribute to the dog, which has become a symbol of the dog's loyalty and love for man in the city of Cracow.
Read about the hero HERE


If you are the owner of a coffee bar, restaurant, bar or shop and wish to have the ultra cool healthy product on your shelves, CONTACT US! One of our ‘knights’ (dressed as a commercial representative), will contact you and especially for you will bring VIGO to you on a white unicorn.

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